Alexander Berkley


  • 15 years in investment banking and high-frequency trading, handling billions in equities volume
  • Early adopter in crypto and ICO investor
  • Expert in Python, data science, and big data 


Jonathan Sterling


  • Experience market making for dozens of major cryptocurrencies
  • 10 years of experience in software development, including building core trading engines for major financial institutions
  • Expert in cryptocurrencies and Toptal certified blockchain developer

Charles Li Quant Developer

Charles Li

Quant Developer

  • 4 years of experience in quant research, trading, developing, and portfolio management
  • Expert in statistical methods, modeling, financial markets, and Python
  • Holds degrees in Quantitative Finance (MSc) and Financial Mathematics (BSc) from Lancaster University

Marvin Fangre Business Development

Marvin Fangre

Business Development

  • Coordinates high-touch services for Coin Flow’s new and current partners
  • 6 years of experience in business management and development
  • Studied international business, business development, and marketing at Fullerton College

Sarah Priem writer

Sarah Priem


  • 6 years of experience developing written communications strategies across various industries
  • Experience with technical operations in high-touch corporate and government finance systems
  • BSc in Scientific and Technical Communications focused on the intersections of communication, technology, and law


Coin Flow’s exceptional team includes domain experts in finance, trading systems, early-stage investing, and blockchain technology. Our team’s combined experience in investment banking, trading, and onboarding and market making for numerous top 100 coins gives us unique insight and perspective in the world of crypto finance.


Our custom-built market making software is created in-house by our expert team of quants and engineers. Our unique bots use proprietary algorithms specifically designed to build liquidity and volume in cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day. Coin Flow technology incorporates insight from years of creating market making solutions for dozens of major coins and operating huge volume arbitrage strategies in traditional markets.