We provide around the clock liquidity to both early-stage and established cryptocurrencies. We combine our innovative trading software with more than 20 years of market experience to promote volume and growth on single or multiple exchanges.

Advantages of Market Making

  • Create a healthy, liquid market to attract investors
  • Promote volume and increase price over the long-term
  • Avoid market stagnation and negotiate better exchange listings


Why Coin Flow

  • Track record of successful market making for dozens of major cryptocurrencies
  • We take care of your markets so you can focus on your project
  • Proprietary market making engine with 24/7 monitoring


We partner with cryptocurrency exchanges to pair and provide liquidity from multiple markets. Our bots use advanced algorithms to access liquidity across multiple global exchanges. We operate around the clock to promote healthy, active markets.

 Why engage an LP?

  • Instant access to global liquidity for your exchange
  • Increased liquidity and volume and reduce spreads on your exchange
  • Grow and sustain your market share


 Why Coin Flow:

  • Liquidity pooled from a large number of exchanges
  • Advanced custom built technology
  • Experience building principal market making engines for major financial institutions


Many of our early stage partners seek help with business development and capital roadmapping. We combine our experience in traditional financial markets and expertise in the blockchain world to elevate our ICO partners. We are invested in you because we invest in you.

End-to-End Advising

  • Strategically structure your tokenomics
  • Early capital raising and structuring
  • Exchange listing and secondary market advisory


Why Coin Flow

  • Experts in early stage ICO development
  • Experience structuring multi-billion dollar assets
  • Domain experts in finance, technology, and blockchain